Annexation Documents

What is annexation?

Annexation is the process of incorporating new land into the city limits. Areas within the city limits are eligible to receive city services including municipal water, residential trash collection, police and fire protection.

The annexation process

Annexation requests may be initiated by the landowner. If the annexation is owner-initiated (or "voluntary"), the applicant's development team first meets with City staff members to review the development proposal and determine its feasibility. Staff considers the proposed zoning, whether the proposal is in accord with the City's General Plan, the cost of providing water, fire and police services, potential tax issues, and any other concerns related to that specific site. Water service is required to be provided in newly annexed areas.

 The landowner then submits a formal application for annexation to the City Council. At the City Council meeting, the Council will consider the owner's annexation request and input from the Planning & Zoning, Engineering, Fire and Police Departments.

Public participation in the annexation process

Attending City Council meetings is a good way to become familiar with development issues. Items requiring public hearings are listed in the meeting agendas of the City Council and on the City web site.