Elder Explorers @the Point

Elder Explorers @ The Point

Last Thursday of the Month

9 AM to Noon

Questions:  Library@mprtx.us

Location:  Typically held at the Garret and Mic Hill Event Center (60 Morgan’s Point Blvd), but field trips are offered...so make sure you keep in touch.   

SuddenlySenior.com describes today’s seniors as living and staying independent longer by being active and healthy.  This is great, but they frequently spend more time by themselves.  For many seniors, staying busy is very important.  Finding new ways to socialize becomes harder as we grow old, which can make finding activities quite challenging.  Senior citizen centers can provide a supportive community while allowing them to stay independent.   

Once a month, on the last Thursday, the Garrett and Mic Hill Event Center becomes a senior activities center from 9 AM to Noon.  The Elder Explorers host a social to help seniors “of all ages” have a chance to:

  • stay active and healthy
  • meet new people and make friendship
  • avoid boredom and isolation
  • engage your mind
  • learn things you never thought you would
  • do things you’ve never done before 

A new program is offered each month to “learn, socialize & be entertained”.  Come and go as your time allows.  Typically our social starts at 9 AM with coffee, morning goodies & a chance to share stories about Morgan’s Point Resort.  Program starts at 9:30 AM and ends at Noon.  Day trips are also offered. 

Senior Activities Centers provide many opportunities for seniors such as information, social experiences and learning opportunities.  For information on the benefits of senior centers, please visit:  https://www.suddenlysenior.com/best-senior-citizen-centers-guide/