Criminal Investigations

Overview of Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations is responsible for the collection and preservation of items that are needed as evidence in any criminal prosecution. The Morgan’s Point Resort Police Department has one officer dedicated to criminal investigations. This officer handles all criminal and other follow-up investigations in the City and works cooperatively with the patrol officers to handle crime scene investigation and filing of charges with the local prosecutors. This officer also assists the Chief of Police in administrative duties and responsibilities.

Criminal Investigations are currently led under the direction of Lieutenant Matthew Schuetze. Lieutenant Schuetze is a veteran law enforcement officer with over thirteen years experience. Lieutenant Schuetze holds a Master Peace Officer license from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and an Associates of Applied Sciences Degree in Criminal Justice from Temple College. Lieutenant Schuetze also holds an Emergency Care Attendant license from the Texas Department of State Health Services. Lieutenant Schuetze has served the City of Morgan’s Point Resort since 2011.