Patrol Services

Overview of Patrol Services

The Patrol Division is the uniformed division of the department and responsible for being the first response to the calls for service that are received by the department. Our patrol officers work 12-hour assigned shifts to provide the City with police protection 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Patrol Division is led under the direction of Sergeant Kyle Newsom. Sergeant Newsom is a veteran law enforcement officer with numerous years of experience he has obtained from our department as well as numerous years of experience in Emergency Medical Services. Sergeant Newsom holds an Advanced Peace Officer license from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement as well as an Licensed Paramedic license from the Texas Department of State Health Services. Sergeant Newsom has served the City of Morgan’s Point Resort as a reserve officer, patrol officer, and now Sergeant since 2016.


Patrol Officers are responsible for responding to calls for police services, which are dispatched throughout the city by the Bell County Communications Center. The Patrol Division is responsible for, but not limited to:

  • Assisting the public as needed
  • Handling of disturbances
  • Enforcing laws and ordinances
  • Motorist assists
  • Taking reports
  • Traffic complaints
  • Working traffic enforcement

Dual-Certifications (LE / EMS)

Many emergency situations occur in which police are first on the scene, or where the police are the only ones on the scene because the scene is deemed “not safe” for Fire or EMS to enter. In many of these cases, medical treatment is needed, but EMS has not arrived yet or is unable to do so. When situations like this occur, the City of Morgan’s Point Resort has the benefit of having cross-trained police officers to provide those life-saving interventions. Most of the patrol officers in our department are certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services as an Emergency Care Attendant (ECA), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), or Paramedic and work closely with the Morgan’s Point Resort Fire Department and other surrounding Fire Departments to obtain continuous education.

Speed Trailer

The Patrol Division is also responsible for the maintenance and deployment of the department’s Speed Trailer. The Speed Trailer is a specialized speed monitoring trailer that the department puts out in various locations to seek voluntary compliance with posted speed limits. The trailer reads the speed of oncoming vehicles and prominently displays the speed so the driver is made aware of exactly how fast they are going.