Code Enforcement and Animal Control

Code enforcement's purpose is to make the city sanitary for all citizens and help protect the citizen's investment in their home.

Animal control's purpose is to keep the citizens safe and free of the spread of rabies. Our registration requirement is not meant to be a burden on the citizen. It is the way we can make sure that the domesticated animals in the city are free of rabies. Because of the wild life population it is necessary to keep the danger of rabies infection under control.

So let's keep working together and keep this city the place to live.

Is Your Pet Dangerous To Your Health? (PDF)

The Code Enforcement Official is responsible for the enforcement of all city Codes, building ordinances, City ordinances and animal control. To contact the Code Enforcement Official call (254) 742-3254.

The new vehicle ordinance 14-22A has gone into effect. There are three major changes in the ordinance from the old ordinance.

It is no longer allowed to just cover a vehicle that is not in compliance with the ordinance. The vehicle must be removed from public view.

The second change is that boats and personal water craft that are not registered, wrecked or dismantled, or inoperative must be removed from public view.

The third change is that any property left unattended in a public place can be removed by the city.

This ordinance will be enforced and any vehicle, boat, or personal water craft that is not in compliance with the ordinance will be towed at the owner's expense and citations will be issued. Due process and legal notification will take place before the vehicle, boat, or personal water craft is towed.

The Bell County Health Department has forwarded a warning from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about the danger of Salmonella infections from African Dwarf Frogs. These frogs are common in aquariums in many households. There have been 241 cases in 42 states. Texas has had 5 cases reported that is believed from handling the frogs. People are advised to wash hands and use rubber glove when handling frogs or water in aquariums.

The Bell County Health Department has also put out a warning about an increase in rabies cases. People are warned about handling wild animals. This city requires that all dogs and cats be vaccinated against rabies and be registered with the city and provide proof of rabies vaccination each year. No rabies cases have been found in the city of Morgan's Point Resort. However, there have been two rabies cases in the Belton area.

Reports of dog bites have increased in the past few years. If you own a dog you must keep the dog on your property. If you walk your dog the dog must be on a leash at all times. If your dog is off your property and bites a person or attempts to attack a person, the dog will be determined to be a dangerous dog. At that time you will be required to meet all the requirements of owning a dangerous dog as written in state law. Yes, even if you have a very small dog. Your cooperation is required for the safety of all the citizens of the city.