Code Enforcement and Animal Control

The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for the enforcement of all city codes, building ordinances, city ordinances and animal control.

Code enforcement’s purpose is to make the city sanitary for all citizens and help protect the citizen’s investment in their home.

Animal control’s purpose is to keep the citizens safe and free of the spread of rabies. Our registration requirement is not meant to be a burden on the citizen. It is the way we can make sure that the domesticated animals in the city are free of rabies. Because of the wild life population it is necessary to keep the danger of rabies infection under control.  All pets must be registered with the city annually.

So let’s keep working together and keep this city the place to live.

CODE ENFORCEMENT:  Be on Notice.  City officers will be actively patrolling the city for violations of the city ordinances.  More information can be found on the link below.

Common Code Violations-Know the Rules_(English and Spanish).


 Animal Ordinances for Morgan’s Point Resort.

Unlawful Restraint of a dog in English and Spanish

Annual Pet Registration Form

Vaccination and Registration

Is Your Pet Dangerous To Your Health? (PDF)

Bell County Health Dept Notices--Animal Control

MPR Animal Control--Dog Bites

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