Flame of Knowledge

2022-2023 Morgan’s Point Resort Flame of Knowledge $1,000 Scholarship

Sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary of the MPR Fire Department 

The Morgan’s Point Resort Ladies Auxiliary has sponsored an education scholarship since the early 90’s – which was, originally a $500 Miss Flame Scholarship Program.  In 2017, the Auxiliary members voted to increase the scholarship to $1,000 annually.
Miss Flame would represent the Auxiliary and the Morgan’s Point Resort Fire Department as our Sweetheart at community events.
During 2020-2021, the Ladies Auxiliary re-designed the scholarship program and renamed it to Flame of Knowledge Scholarship.
The Ladies Auxiliary will present a $1,000 scholarship check to a graduating Senior or G-E-D student who plans to pursue vocational training, associate or baccalaureate degree toward a career in Public Service. The recipient will receive the scholarship check during the Morgan’s Point Resort City Council Meeting, scheduled for the second Tuesday of June, 6:00 pm.
All applicants must:
1. Live in Morgan’s Point Resort; or in the Extended Fire District.
2. Be a Graduating Senior or have attained a GED.
Scholarship Requirement: Applicants will be evaluated primarily upon, but not limited to, the following criteria by the Morgan’s Point Resort Auxiliary Scholarship Committee:
1. Excellence in character and moral judgment.
2. Academic standing in the top 50 percent of class.
3. Participation in campus activities.
4. Community and or church involvement.
5. Honor and Awards.

Two (2) Flame of Knowledge Scholarships were awarded for 2022-2023:
2022-2023 $1,000 Recipient: Laken Easton
2022-2023 $750 Recipient: Kenzie Goldman
There were no applicants for Miss Flame for Morgan's Point Resort for 2021-2022.
2020-2021 Miss Flame Scholarship Recipient: Sterling Weadock
2019-2020 Miss Flame Scholarship Recipient: Sharon Almon
2018-2019 Miss Flame Scholarship Recipient: Raylynne Scheible
2017-2018 Miss Flame Scholarship Recipient: Kayla Schescke
2016-2017 Miss Flame Scholarship Recipient: Kennedy White
2015-2016 Miss Flame Scholarship Recipient: Kaylee Gregor
2014-2015 Miss Flame Scholarship Recipient: Jessica Nabors